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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 12, 2019 8:30am-9:01am EST

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>> yes, david, the setup is rfect for snow. definite snow across the washington area. we tked about that all week long. cold air is in place. storm system nowcroaching areas western virginia. we have warngs and watches in place. outside, we'll talk about how much snow you are going to gr for yneighborhood. that includes the district of columbia, 3 to 5 inches inside the beltway. everyoneelse, for the most part, 4 to 7 inches of snow. the reason for the wide range if accumulation forecast is location, location. because of the size of the storm, you'll have plenty of overrunning, which t means precipitation or snow is going to be going on for a long event. today, tonit, and into tomorrow. outside, cold air, as i said, is in place. temperatures right now for the wind chill. this is what it feels lik sboin the 20s. take a good look.
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it is dry pavement now, but things are going to chanh,. snow wae're on it. clouds increase throughout the day. snow will start well before dark, early afternoon. here's the key, more snow, more snow for sunday. david, i'll have allhe details, when the snow will end, and we'll show the satellite imagery, everything. it'll be a fun day. >> a lot to catch upon. clay anderson, we'll check in shortly. 8:31. breaking news from prince georges county. fi cfighters out in thed battling flames in riverdale. the fe brokeut after midnight on roanoke after. the building there is a church. firefighters climbing on the roof as smo was billowing out from the building. in the past hour or so, we've learned this is a deadly fire. e detailt m throughout the morning and update you here on nbc washington. happening right now, major interruptions to a couple lines on the metro. it is all because of scheduled yack work. blue andlow lines shut down cuts off reagan national irport.
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pentagon, pentagocity, and crystal city stations are closed all weekend. they have an express shuttle between the airport and lafont bl plaza every five to ten minutes. a historic milestone is reached in the partial government shutdown. it's the longest freeral clo in u.s. history. the previous record was during the clinton administration. that lasted from december 15th,u 1995, tgh january 6th, 1996. th current partial shutdown has furloughed thousands of federal workers. that has led to a crash course of sorts in becoming a teacher. on tuesday, there is going to be a second hiring event for furloughed federal workers in fairfax county. registration filled we were thererday for the first event. people started an unexpected journe from their government jobs to the front of the classroom. >> reporter: you're looking at a room that is filled with what is possibly goi to be the most qualified group of substitute teachers t step into fairfax county schools. >> i thought to myself, well, if money doing the
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thing i do, i'm going to make money doing the thing i used to do. >> reporter: diamond taught third grade more than a decade ago, then t a government i.t. job. she, like some 200 others here, furloughed with a shutdown. >> i thought, money aside, if this goes on a long time, i really don't want to be puttering around the house all day. >> a chance where we can actually use our talent, instead ofitting at home cleaning. >> reporter: has i been frustrating? >> it has been, yes. >> reporter: a m tom a fairfax county student is a geologist, willing to share knowle he. it coup with upcoming bills. >> trying to work out with the mortgage company, what is going happen february 1st? >> individuals who have expertise in various areas, wel educated, and can contribute to our instructional process. >> reporter: in neighboring loudoun county, leaders announcing plans to ease financial burdens of federal workers and contractors. they're waiving bus fares for federal workers, stocking the
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shelves at loudoun county hunger relief. schools are giving parents more time to pay students' lunch atbills. local and utility companies doing the same,ee waiving but warning -- >> this will only get worse and worse as time goes on. >> i'm going to check you in. >> reporter: which is why the furloughed workers are not letting more time pass. if they clear their background checks, they could be in aas oom next week, earning a paycheck. >> i'm very excited, yes. i want to be in the classroom, hoping on friday. >> hoping for a paycheck to be coming in. that could happen in the next few days. yesterday was supposed to be payday for many furloughed federal employees. despite thebsence of a paycheck, there was a gathering ndth some music a food. it was billed as the shutdown dinner to help those employees. the ep event was in silver spring. food and beverages were donated by local businesses.
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representatives from utility companies were there to answer qutions and offer bill-paying advice. couples trying to get canied in the distric again plan their big day. the mayor signed emergencyio legisl yesterday called the love act. it gives her the authority to issue marriage licenses and offers officiaor 90 days. the city stopped issuing them because of the government shutdown. stay with us on air and online. we'll have the latest on the shutdown as it lingers. we have resources in thebc washington app for those of you who may be struggling. federal furloughed workers or rhaps government contractors. just search shutdown. this morning, a new bombshell report revealing that president trump was investigated by the fbi over whether he was secretlyorking for russia. the "new york times" reports that officials became so conct'ned about the presid behavior in the days aer he fired former fbi dirtor james comey that the fbi opened a probe to determine ifthe presid was working on fbehalf
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of russia against american interests. they were suspicious of the president's ties to russia during the campaign but held off on opening a investigation against him. sarah sanders said last quote, this is absurd. nbc news has not independently confirmed the "times" report. 8:36. terrifying video of a boa engulfed in flames. check this out. this happened yesterday evening in maedgewater, land. chopper 4 was above. this is the holiday hill maria. the large boat there caught fire. ews were able to get it all under control. took about an hour though. the "capitol gazette" reporting ere was a man living ohe boat, but he made it out okay. it appears no other boats got damaged because of the fire. officials trying to figure out what started the blaze. the doors are about to o tn convention center this morning. we have doreen gentzler there. she's waiting to open up this year's expo. hey, doreen. >> reporter: hey, david. we're ready. we've gotll of our friends
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♪ ee> we've talking about it for weeks now, and it's here. our annual nbc 4 and telemundo health and fitness expo underway. doreen gentzler, you're trying to get c control of thewd at the washington convention center. a lot of excitement, clearly. i don't know. you must be exhausted, doreen. i've seen onloop, you doing the hula hoop dancing. >> reporter:ula hoop, yeah. who knew? hidden talent on my rtright? david, we do have quite a crowd here. we're very excited to get this nbc 4 -- we're very excited to get this healthitndss expo underway. we have a lot in store for you. there's a healthy fitness class, there's all kinds of free
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medical tests and screenings, healthy cooking demonstratio l. we've got of stuff. want to introduce our boss. this is jackie bradford, the president and general manager of nbc 4 telemundo 44. we don't dthis. we have a lot of help from our partners in putting this together. >> this is unbelievable. 26 years and, yes, you and shomari stone, i think, will do a hula hoop off later today. stay tuned for that. >> reporter: i could take him. you know that. >> i know you can. we're lucky to have our sponsors. we have gw, hokaiser, rd, wagmans, wrtc. we're lucky to have the with us today. come on down. the snow isn't coming until later. eporter: that's right. metro is available, too. you can come right to the convention center on metro. we have all kinds of mascots. >> i'm going to run now. >> reporter: if spar i cky move over a little, we can see, then
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el show has sent herh brand-new crab machine. if you're a fan of the "ellen" show, you know she likes to give away prizes and money. anyway, if you come down here this weekend,ou you do what we see jackie doing right now and win money or en a trip to l.a. to see the "ellen" show. we he a lot going on. this is all new. this is the first time that this cash grab machine has been traveling. hope a lot of people will come down a join us here the doors open 9:00 a.m. today tomorrow. i'll be back shortly with more about what people can expeche when come down here. david? >> doreen, it looks like jackie has had some practice in tha machine. i think she probably was in there all night getting ready for it. >> reporter: you think she's had some practice at grabbin is that what you're saying,
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david? >> yonow, just to clarify tell my boss she did a great job today, okay? >> reporter: okay. i'll tell her that for both of us, david. >> perfect,doreen. see you a little later, too. i'll get down here after the show. a lot of our news 4 colleagues will join us. as doreen mentioned, don't let the snow stop you. it is coming later in the da metro, always an option. clay anderson is going to track clay anderson is going to track people aren't talking about how much clay anderson is going to track money they saved buying giant brand chicken. they're not talking about how our pre-chopped veggies are perfect time-savers. they're also not talking about our unique assortment of over 1,300 nature's promise items. or our fresh grab and go salads and sandwiches. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh hello, that looks so good.
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at 8:45 on this saturday, followingthreaking news. coming to us out of prince georges county. one person found dead after an early morning fire ripped church.a it is in riverdale. that's where we find news 4's derrick ward, scene.from the what are we learning? >> reporter: we're in the 5800 block of roanoke in silver -- sorry -- not silver spring but riverdale, to be ecific. behind me is the scene of the fire. thactually a church or church facility. take a look at video we have from earlier this morning. this fire broke out at about 2:30. th firefighters got here, and they were able to get it under control rather quickly, within 30 minutes. but after they got it under control and got inde, they made a disturbing discover with me now is mark brady, pio yr prince georges fire and ems. tell when he wha found and what they're doing here. >> it is a joint investigation.
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any tim we have a fatality involved in a fire, we call in the police department's homicide unit. we had agents from the atf assisting us in this investigation because it is a church.yo know, after the fire had been extinguished, we went t insi start an investigation, and the body of a deceased person was found inside. >> reporter: do you have any identification or any sort of thisifying information at point as to the person? >> all that is being developed as part of our investigation and not yet available for release. >> reporter: we wereta ing, there is a certain degree of irony here because this used to be aus fire >> this was the original riverdale heights volunteer fire department many, many years o. you can tell from the front of the building, where there's bay doors. you can see some of the characteristics now that you knew it used to be afirehouse. at first glance, i had no idea, until someone told me it was a original firehouse. >> reporter: indeed. thank you for joining us, mark. you can see with the crucifix above the door, it's been repurposed. it is now the scene of anin stigation after a person was found dead in an early morning
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fire in rdrie, still under investigation. that's where we're live. derrick ward, news 4. back toyou. >> tragedy there, as more details emerge, we'll pass them along to you. 8:47. clay anderso with , in for lauryn ricketts this morning. ldrefighters out overnight working in the today, the cold continues, but we're tracking the showers, sno showers. >> actually, snow showers right now, david, but we will have plenty of snow to around. it is going to snow not only throughoutovhe day today, night tonight and into tomorrow, so a long duration event. that's what us meteorologists call it. we'll show you the temperatures. as we were saying at the top, it is cold outside. rrick ward was bundled up. you need to be bundled when you step outside this mo ting. 20s go around. 30s in town. it is not going to be a wind event associated with the cold, so that's good news for us. a winter storm warning, which the national weatdrr service ped upon us across the
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washington area at about 3:00 to 4:00 this morning, it starts at 4:00 p. today. areas in pink, a winter storm warning. that means it is going to snow. snow across the area. vy00 p.m., h amounts. late tonight during the overnight, winter weather visory in the other colors, other areas, baltimore, north and west, f northern and western counties. we're going to zoom down to where you live. for the zone forcasecast, 3 to for gaithersburg. the west, fairfax, fuauquier, heavy amounts of snow. any time after o12:00 so this afternoon, to the west, you'll see snowflakes. it will continu for everyone throughout the afternoon. things will be better by monday. with that, tonight, i want to show you a view for tonight. folks will be driving about the area, but they won'teaze the snow will be falling.
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we're looking at packed snow right now. visibility concerns. it is going to be cold. be safe when you go out today. ioagain, accumul continues through sunset. heavy amounts, as i said, overnight tonig and into fu we're showing the radar first. again, the snow isn't reaching the grnd, but here we are, starting to see a little bit of snow makos its way a the areas of our far western counties. future weather in motion, keep your eye on the time. it is going to hang around, everyone. snow tonight into tomorrow. keep your eye on the sky before yoo start to the final shoveling and clear everything out. with atthe forecast, as i mentioned, today, 100% snow today. snow tomorrow. january week, that means highs in the 30s and weekend, i'll get closer, possibility, possibility, possibility of some more snow or a mixture of rain and snow for next weekend. temperatures remain on the cold side, as you can see. we're going to keep an eye on the weather the next several days. for the weekend, today and
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tomorrow, be safe, everyone. we're going to experience some snow. >> thank you, clay. i know you guys w e calli this one early out. we'll keep an eye on next weekend, as well. 8:50. friday was anything but a normal day in class for local students. the reigning miss america teaching a master class at suitland high school. news 4 takes us inside the classroo f ♪ >> reporter: singing on stage and taking critiques in front of any crowd takes courage, but try doing ot in front a pageant queen. >> it's m atsure 26/27. just drop your jaw a little bit more. that will help create just a more unified sound across the board. >> reporter: nia franklin was trained as a classicalsi er. she's finding her rhythm as the reigning miss america, traveling sharing her love for music. >> i found that the arts, especially in high school, gave me such a great way to myself, to be creative.
8:51 am
it also really helped my confidence. >> it is prettyexciting. i've always seen her on pictures and stuff. i saw her at the pageant, when she won. it's cool to see her in person. >> reporter: not only does ronald williams get to seeaiss amern person, he is one of the students chosen to sing for her. ♪ >> reporter: as franklin sharee her to success, she says she also hopes to be a role model for people of color.p growin in north carolina, she says most of her classmates didn't look like her. > being a role model specifically in the field of music is so important. we see people that look like us and seeing that diversity. that's what, i think, we need i're of. happy to be kind of a part of that. >> as women, especially black women, we sometimes feeike there's not a lot of people that like to do what we do. seeing her kind of gives us hope. >> reporter: spreading hope and harmony one note at atime. in suitland, news 4. >> imparting her wisdom in the
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mastic class. 8:51. we te going tock the snow showers on what is a stormeaeam showers on what is a stormeaeam 4ther ale wrt
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it hasn't always been easy, has it? ♪ there have been days when you doubted yourself. ♪ and days when you were ready to quit. ♪ but you didn't. ♪ because you had the courage to venture into something powerful. education. if i leave you with just three words of advice:
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never...stop...growing. [cheering] this morning, the u.s. military has announced that it has begun withdrawing from syria. military officials tell nbc news none of the 2,000 u.s. troops there are leaving quite yet. back in december, president trump first announc his decision to pull all troops from syria. it was a controversial one, leading to defense secretary jim
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mattis' resignation. some say isis is not yet defeated, and leaving wouldbe mn aying kurdish allies. so far, no comment fm the u.s. government with specifics, including the timing othe removal. julian castro is expected to launch his bid to bepresident. he once served as mayor. he describehimself as the antidote to donald trump. this year is t expected have a diverse group of candidates to challenge donald trump. his annou ement will be this morning at 10:00. a new study found older ericans shared more so-called fake news on facebook than any other age group during the 2016 presidential election. facebook users 65 or older tended to share more false news stories. othe study als found conservatives wer more likely to share articles from questionableources than
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liberals or moderates. experts say seniors may not be able to identify fake news on social media as easily as nohers. a little feature on the new apple update could have you watching what you say. e tool is called live listen. it is on the latest ios. it wasintended for people who are hearing impaired, but it unintentionally makes it easy to eavesdrop on people. cetivated, it allows you to leave your phone in a room and walk up to 50 feet away. you'd beble to hear sounds from the room through your od ai 8:56 is your time now. as we give you a live look inside the washiton convention center. you can see there, all set up for the nbc 4/telemundo 44 welth and fitness expo, as pan around the floor. we invite you to join us. we'll che in with doreen gentzl
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. .
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weather alert. storm team 4 >> t weather alert region's first snow blanket of 2019. the flakes expected to start lling in a few hours from nong we're worki for you this morning. we'll get you ready. day we're wing the longest government shutdown this country has ever experienced. three weeks in, lawmakers do appear closer to making a deal with the white house that would reopen the government. here.e day is the 26th nbc4/telemundo 44 heal and fitness expo. it the annuall event we
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look forward to. it's arrived. ilwe'll have s on the weekend-long happeing happening up on "news 4 today." >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> good surday morning. i'm david culver. there's a lot happening in the area, even as we get ready for theto winter that is a few hours ago. right now, there's no stopping the nbc 4/telemundo 44 health and fitness expo. it is hpening now at the washington convention center. doreen gentzler joininghs w a few friends. hey, doreen. >> reporter: yeah, david. people who watch the"t ay" show will probably be familiar with sunny, the puppy with a purpose. 're going to talk with his handler and hear about what that's all ou coming up in a few minutes, in another preview from the expo. clay, what's up with this weather? >> outside right now, on the radar, we're starting to see some signatures of som


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